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Transport to/from Scandinavia and Baltic republics

Contact us Transport to/from Scandinavia and Baltic republics

Scandinavia is located in northern part of Europe. It includes countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Sometimes Iceland is considered as a part of Scandinavia too.

Countries of: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are also known as Baltic republics or Baltic states.

With us You can realize transport not only from EU to these countries but also from Scandinavia and Baltic states.

We're shipping twice a week to Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Finland, including parttial loads 1 EPAL and full trucks 24 tons – FTL.

Long term partnerships with Our carrier and warehouses in Finland and Estonia, provide excellent shipping service in really competitive prices.

In case of transport to/from Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark, we can collect your goods from every place in Europe and deliver to your place of destination in both directions.

Our logistics service includes all kinds of goods even ADR or oversized. We ship goods from 1 pallet size in partial loads – LTL, full vehicles up to 3.5 tons – full buses, full trucks up to 8 tons, regular trailers up to 24 tons or 38 EPAL tandems.

You can lean on us in conducting customs clearance during transport to Norway.


We kindly invite You to contact us.