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Important Cargo Traffic
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Transport - logistics - forwarding

We are Polish forwarding and logistic company, that offers transport services around the world.

In our offer are:

We offer transport all over Europe, to the East, West and around the country and to other continents. We only use trusted and experienced subcontractrors.

Knowlenge of english and russian is our advantage, so we can cooperate with foregin customers.

Road transport

Sea transport

Air transport

Assistance at every stage of transport

We are only interested in professionalism of service, safety and customers satisfaction. We care about professional loading and unloading of goods, safe transport and stops of the trucks, correctness of documents, date of delivery and optimal prices

Forvarding services – available countries

Europe and East: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Cyprus, Kosovo, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Monaco, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Andorra, Switzerland.

North and Central America: United States, Canada, Mexico.

South America: Brazil, Argentina.

Africa: South Africa, Morocco, Western Sahara, Tunisia, Egypt.

Asia: Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Japan, China, India.

Australia and Oceania: Australia.

Logistics, forwarding, transport – additional services

We want to our services to be comprehensive, so we offer You not only transport. We offer You consulting, warehouse services, assistance in ATA carnet, certifications, cargo insurance, substantive support, help from customs agencies and other individual services.

Top Rated Services:

Cargo Transport toTajikistan | Logistics and Freight Forwarding Services with ICT

Groupage, FTL and LTL transport from Western Europe to Tajikistan

All kinds of cargo possible, included are:

  • neutral cargo
  • neutral cargo
  • dangerous goods (ADR)
  • food products
  • at controlled temperature
  • oversized cargo
  • specialised transport
  • liquid products

All kinds of trailes avaiable:

  • standard trucks up to 33 European pallets
  • semi-trucks
  • smaller trucks 8-10 European pallets
  • box van
  • refrigerated trucks (standard and doubledeck)
  • bulker, and more

Transit time:

Depends what You need and You choose.

If You have small part of cargo, You have two option: dediceted transport takes from 6 to 14 days, and groupage transport takes from 21 to 32 days (second option is for You, if You need smaller price)

If You need solo transport by delivery van – about 6-10 days or 10-14 days by standard truck

Air freight:

Shipping air Freight to Tajikistan. The cargo arriving into Tajikistan are usually sent by air to Dushanbe airport, where You can pick up Your goods.

We offer this services, when You need fast delivery or You have smaller part of goods or low weight.

To get the best solution, You write to us!

Cargo Transport to Georgia | Logistics and Freight Forwarding Services with ICT

Full (FTL) and partial (LTL) cargo transportation

Road freight to Georgia is arranged from all European countries, for example Poland, Germany, France, Lithuania and more

Full transportation by road is for You if You need quickly delivery, or You have bigger part of cargo: 33 european pallets for standart truck or refrigerated truck; 38 european pallets, or oversized and special cargo; 8 or 10 pallets

Transit time: 6-12 days

Groupage road transport to Georgia is dedicated to smaller part of cargo from 1 pallets. We pick up cargo from any town in Europe, next we consolidate on our warehouse and delivery to Georgia (Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Rustavi, Poti and more) on terminal DAT or door DAP

Transit time: 14-21 days

Another solution is air cargo transport who we recomend for small or light part of ransport and if You need quickly delivery

Our offer included cargo trucking, shipping, freight forwarding:

  • dangerous cargo (ADR)
  • oversized cargo
  • special cargo
  • neutral cargo
  • cargo in controlled temperature
  • insurance

Cargo Transport Uzbekistan | Logistics and Freight Forwarding Services with ICT

We offer You delivery Your cargo between Uzbekistan and all Europe from small boxes LTL to full trucks FTL.

We have 2 options of delivery:

  • Road ransport to Uzbekistan:
  • Quick delivery by solo trucks for example: standard truck up to 33 European pallets, semi truck, refrigerated truck, or smaller truck up to 8 or 10 pallets, so if You need quick and reloable delivery it will be the best way for You.

    We can transport neutral cargo, dangerous cargo (ADR) or transport with controlled temperature.

    If You have oversized or heavy cargo, You contact us also, becouse specialised transport is in Our offer too.

    Groupage road transport (LTL) dedicated samaller cargo from one pallet. It's the best way if You need smaller price and the delivery it's not urgent.

  • Air Freight to Uzbekistan
  • Transport to Tashkent and other airtport in Uzbeistan form Poland and all Europe. For smaller and urgent delivery.

    Our forwarders speak Russian and English, so You will definitely be satisfied with our services.

Cargo transport to Kazakhstan | Logistics and Freight Forwarding Services with ICT

If You are looking for freight forwarder company who offer road transport from Western Europe to Kazakhstan You are on right place.

We offer transport from small packages by air transport solutions to pallets LTL or FTL by road transport:

- AIR Freight It's dedicatted to smaller cargo or if You need very fast delivery

- Groupage Road transport ( LTL) ;

It's the best way If You have for example a couple of pallets or more and You need economy delivery option, because we have best posiibility to consolidate the cargo on our warehouse and we can help You to do export custom clearence too, then Your cargo will go to Kazakhstan consignee by DAT or DAP option

- Full Truck Transport Service(FTL) ;

This option is for heavy cargo or big parts of cargo; 10 or more square meters, our trucks dedicated for this kind of transport :

Standart truck up to 33 European pallets , up to 22 tons

Frigo truck with controled temperature, we also have a pahrmaterutical and medicines certifikated trucks

Smaller trucks up to 10 european pallets ; up to 1,4 tons

Cargo Transport to Russia | Logistics and Freight Forwarding Services with ICT

In Our offer is freight forwarding to Russia. We load and unload Your cargo throught the Russian Federation for example in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg and other smaller town.

Important Cargo Traffic it's a forwarding company that offers road and air transport to Russia.

If You need to transport your cargo from Poland or another European country to Russa please contact with us.

We have warehouse in Poland, agency, a lot of types of trucks and necessary knowlenge to organization Your transport and We can help You with export declaration.

Our possibility:

  • FTL transport (Full Truck Load)
  • LTL transport (Less Than Truckload)
  • grupage transport
  • road transport
  • air transport
  • transport at controlled temperature
  • transport ADR (dangerous goods)
  • oversized transport
  • specialised transport

Our trucks:

  • standard trucks up to 33 European pallets
  • trucks up to 38 European pallets
  • drawbars
  • refrigerated vehicle (standard and doubledeck)
  • low loader
  • box van
  • other...

You can write to us: and let Us know what kind of transport do You need.

Warehouse solutions in Poland | Logistics and Freight ForwardingServices with ICT

We know how important is warehouse in Poland if You need import your goods from other EU countries.

We decided to cooperate with several warehouses in Poland, for example in Warsaw, Opole, Kostrzyn near Poznań.


From storage of nautral goods: consumables, raw materials, finished goods to oversized goods. We try to help You even special requirements.

We have a total 12826,56m2 warehouse space for your use.


  • loading ramps
  • forklifts
  • gantries
  • cranes
  • pallet exchange
  • transport lines

Additional services

Warehouse employees are experienced people and they expertise and services include:

  • checking documents for correctness and completness
  • neutralizing
  • repacking goods into smaller ot largers batches
  • checking for any damage caused in transport
  • making photos
  • stamping goods
  • labeling
  • adeguate protection of goods