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Transport to the Czech Republic

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Road transport to the Czech Republic

Because of its close location to Poland, where Important Cargo Traffic is based, we can offer a full range of our services and express shipping to our southern neighbor. We specialize in road transit, using a wide array of trucks picked to match the specific needs of a given order. Trade between Poland and the Czech Republic is very intensive – as a result, we can leverage our close relations with Czech partners to provide maximum efficiency and express shipping for our clients.

To fit the needs of our customers even more effectively, we maintain our own warehouse in the Czech Republic. This allows for very fast transit and perfect optimization of routes. With Important Cargo Traffic, you can always be sure that your shipment will arrive on time and without any damage.

We handle all types of loads – professional transport to Czechia

Important Cargo Traffic offer includes various kinds of transport orders. We can handle full truck loads (FTL) using our extensive fleet of well-maintained vehicles, as well as operate low truck loads (LTL) to provide maximum cost and time effectiveness for our end customers. Our expertise also allows us to reliably deliver oversize goods and cargo requiring special care. Truck drivers employed by Important Cargo Traffic have many years of experience, thanks to which they’re able to fulfill all the orders safely and always within the deadlines. In our daily work, we also leverage our network of partners and subcontractors to ensure optimal pricing while keeping the best standard of our services.

Complex planning of all shipments – transport to Czechia

How do Important Cargo Traffic orders work? It’s simple – as our client, you only need to contact us with the basic data about your shipment, such as the deadline, the size, and the type of cargo. After receiving this information, we plan the route and the vehicle choice according to the unique needs of each client. We also take into account all the complexities regarding legal requirements. When the route is planned, we confirm the order with you and dispatch a truck to pick up the shipment. While we’re on the road, you can easily receive information about the current location to effectively track the shipment. We can help you with not only the standard orders transporting regular goods, but also in more demanding cases, such as shipping:

  • artwork,
  • alcohol,
  • medicine,
  • fuel,
  • machines,
  • electronics,
  • biological material,
  • livestock.

The orders are priced on an individual basis, which lets us present you with the best offer considering all the requirements and conditions of the shipment. Contact us to learn more and check our availability.

Transport to Czechia: safe and on-time

When we fulfill our transport orders, we have two main priorities: ensuring that the goods get to the destination on time and that there are no damages to the load. Our experienced drivers always give their best to ensure that we match our clients’ needs. We also offer full insurance on any orders, including shipments with special loads. As a result, you don’t need to worry about deadlines or safety when using Important Cargo Traffic solutions. Our company takes care of the whole process in a reliable way, using our knowledge of the transport world and multi-year experience, to provide you with the best experience possible.

Apart from the Czech Republic, we also operate routes to and from other European countries, including Eastern Europe, and the former Soviet states (e.g. Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or the Caucasus countries). Get in touch with us to learn more – you can contact us by our phone number, email or the online form.