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Transport from Greece to Poland

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Greece and Poland – important trading partners in many sectors

Import and export between Poland and Greece has been developing for many years, with the two countries now forming a close trade partnership with routes between them going through some vital Central European markets. This makes shipping from Greece to Poland an important area for many companies operating both locally and internationally. Whether you need to import goods from Greece to use in your production process, or order complete products to Poland, you can count on the support of Important Cargo Traffic.

ICT covers many countries on the European continent and elsewhere, including operating routes from Greece to Poland. We specialize in road transit, where we can offer the highest convenience and effectiveness, reaching both major industrial centers and more remote areas. Our fleet includes different types of vehicles suited for diverse transport needs, which allows us to handle many kinds of orders from our customers. Apart from operating routes from Greece to Poland, we also offer support in shipping to and from all the other European countries, including Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and so on), in addition to Central Asian states – such as Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan.

All kinds of transport from Greece

We know that effectiveness and efficiency are the main goals of any shipping order. As such, we strive to use the information provided by our clients to prepare the optimal routes, minimizing costs and maximizing safety. We also cooperate with a large network of international partners who help us handle shipping to different countries. Combining this with our vast knowledge about logistics, Important Cargo Traffic can always offer reliable handling of even the most demanding orders.

Our offer includes Full Truck Loads (FTL), Low Truck Loads (LTL), partial shipping, oversize loads and many other types of transport. What’s more, we can take care of all kinds of cargo, ensuring full safety even in the most demanding cases. With ICT you can be sure that e.g. artwork, medicine, fuel, machines, electronics, livestock or any other special cargo will be delivered without any damage. In specific cases we use specially-equipped vehicles, for example with controlled temperature, to prevent any spoilage and ensure proper transport conditions.

Safety first

No matter what kind of cargo you need us to handle, we always strive to fulfill all the safety requirements. Our experts are always up to date with regulatory expectations and the current recommendations for shipping demanding goods. What’s more, every order is covered by insurance – in the case of any unplanned situations or accidents, you can use our solutions without any risk of loss or major disruptions to your business. We employ experienced drivers who know the procedures for handling various goods, making ICT the ideal choice for not only standard shipments, but also any types of loads with specific requirements.

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ICT offers an individual approach to every client. When you’re contacting our consultants, you can provide the essential information about the shipment – such as the size, the type and the vehicle requirements. Based on this, we’ll pick the right truck for the given job, and plan the route according to your deadlines. Because we handle very diverse types of orders, the pricing can vary between different routes. As such, we provide quotations on a per-order basis. Contact us using our phone number, email address or the online form to learn more and receive further information about our availability and prices.