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Transport to Balkans and Turkey

Contact us Transport to Balkans and Turkey

The Balkans is region in Southern Europe, located on Balkan Peninsula.

We ship to and from Balkans states including countries:

Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Montenegro, Greece, Kosovo,Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia.

Turkey is in direct neighborhood of these countries and we can organise transport here too.

We kindly invite You to conduct transports to or from these countries with us.

In our offer You can find either partial loads LTL or full trucks FTL.Basically We can collect your goods in 24 hours period from the order date.

If You're looking for transport to/from Turkey, we're sending our trucks once or twice a week. With us You can ship your goods not only to the customs terminal - DAT but also direct to the clients doors – DAP. Our additional logistics service includes assistance in preparing customs documents like T1.

Our trusted carriers have modern trucks fleet including: semi trailers, mega trailers, tandems, refrigerated trailers and low-loaders.