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Transport to Germany

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Transport to Germany

Germany is a major player in European logistics; as such, we offer a wide range of services related to transporting goods to this country. We can take care of all kinds of loads: from the smallest, single-pallet shipments all the way through to oversize transportation. Contact us to get professional support in transporting your goods to Germany.

FTL, LTL and oversize loads to Germany: all your transport needs in one place

Our main goal is to make sure that our solutions match the needs of our customers. As such, we handle all types of transport orders, no matter what kind of load you have. Not sure which option is right for you? We cover all three major categories, as well as special cases. Our standard offer includes:

  • FTL (Full Truck Load), recommended when transporting larger numbers of pallets;
  • LTL (Low Truck Load), for smaller shipments;
  • oversize transport, for any loads that exceed the standard size limitations.

While 80% of our shipments are standard, large trucks (up to 24 tons or 33 EPAL pallets), we also cover partial transport, added loads, and combining shipments from various clients going to the same destination. We choose the truck size depending on your needs, taking into account both the size and the weight of the load. As our client, you only have to provide us with the basic information about your shipment: the type of cargo, its size (e.g. as a number of pallets), or the minimal truck size. The price is calculated individually for each order to make sure you get the most cost-efficient offer possible.

We deliver to all parts of Germany – both in the west and in the east of the country. We also transport goods from Germany to Poland, in addition to handling shipping from the European Union to Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia.

Germany – transport solutions with express shipping, handling special types of cargo, and much more

Our extensive partner network allows us to fulfill the needs of our customers, even on the most difficult and challenging orders. We offer professional help when transporting medicine, fuel, electronics, machines, livestock, artwork, biological material, alcohol, and much, much more. In all cases we can guarantee express delivery, expert handling, reliability, and support whenever you need it. If you have more unusual transport orders, feel free to contact us; we always strive to provide professional assistance. Our fleet covers various types and sizes of trucks; we’re also flexible in terms of timing and deadlines, and we make sure that the offer matches your expectations.

We offer only road transit. Our trucks arrive at the location on the date picked by the client, then the warehouse workers load up the goods. After loading, the truck sets off for the destination, where warehouse staff unload the goods. The standard offering includes:

  • renting a truck to go from the initial location to the destination point;
  • everyday information about the truck’s location;
  • all road tolls, fuel costs, permits and such covered by us.

Safe transport to Germany even in the most demanding cases

Transport safety is our first and foremost principle, especially when it comes to more dangerous and challenging goods. When you decide to work with us, you can be sure that your load will be delivered safely to its destination. Every shipment is covered by cargo insurance, so you can receive help quickly in case of any problems. We combine an extensive partner network with experience and thorough knowledge of the transit market. Thanks to this, you can always be certain that your transport is handled professionally, efficiently, and safely – both to and from Germany, as well as other countries, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Georgia.

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If you’re looking for expert support in transporting goods to Germany, feel free to contact us with the requirements of your order. Call us or write a message – we will find the best, most cost-effective way to ship your load, maintaining full safety and expected conditions all the way through.