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Transport to Belgium

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Feel free to contact us to receive information about our availability. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we can handle even the most demanding kinds of cargo.

Belgium – an important European location

Owing to its advantageous location and good trade links with major European economies, such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, Belgium has been steadily developing into a major transport hub throughout the last decades. Currently, it’s one of the top destinations for international shipping orders. While Brussels is often considered ‘the capital of Europe’, Belgium as a whole is certainly one of the capitals of European transport. If your company conducts business with partners in Belgium, you can count on full support from the Important Cargo Traffic team. Learn more about our offer on our website or contact us directly to get the information about pricing and availability.

Transport to Belgium: how it works with ICT

In Important Cargo Traffic, we strive to make transport simple, straightforward and effective for our end customers. We take care of most parts of the process – we’re responsible for choosing the right truck, planning the routes, covering fuel and toll costs, and handling the cargo safely during the transport. As our client, you only need to provide us with information about your order’s size and type, especially if it falls into a category requiring special care. We cover all kinds of transport orders: from FTL (Full Truck Load – standard, large shipments with several pallets), through LTL (Low Truck Load – smaller shipments with the truck not fully packed), all the way to combined orders and oversize loads. Important Cargo Traffic operates a large fleet of vehicles and an extensive network of partners from different European countries – as a result, we can always provide the best customer care and highest transport effectiveness.

After we prepare the order, our trucks come to the location picked by the client and get loaded up by warehouse workers. When we’re on the road, you can receive information about the location of the shipment every day. On arrival, the goods are unloaded by the warehouse staff – always in great condition and without damages.

Always safe, always on time: transport to Belgium with ICT

Thanks to our deep knowledge of the transport sector and substantial experience in fulfilling orders for clients from various countries, we’re fully aware of the unique needs related to handling specific cargo types. If you’re transporting medicine, machines, fuel, alcohol, biological material, livestock, artwork or any other demanding load, you can always count on full safety when using Important Cargo Traffic services. We exercise special care with volatile shipments to ensure that the whole process is as safe as it can be. As an added precaution, we offer full insurance on all orders, so that our clients can be protected from any unforeseen consequences.

We also put a lot of focus on having our trucks arrive on time, within the deadlines specified by the client – even in the most time-intensive tasks. This helps us provide a great experience for all our customers, and allows us to help the supply chain flow effectively. A lot of companies around Europe already trust us with their goods – contact us to learn more and see for yourself what makes ICT the right choice for you.

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Looking for professional, reliable, and on-time shipments to Belgium? No matter what kind of cargo you need transported, you can count on us. With Important Cargo Traffic, you can be sure that the load will get to its destination safely and within your deadlines. We also handle traffic to and from other regions, including Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Belarus), the Caucasus (Georgia, Armenia), and Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan). Contact us via phone, email or through our online form to learn more