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Transport to Denmark

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If your company needs support in delivering goods to Denmark via road transport, choose Important Cargo Traffic – we handle diverse kinds of loads with full effectiveness and maximum cost efficiency.

Transport to Denmark: an important location for European logistics

Denmark is located on the crossroads of Central and Northern Europe, connecting the industrialized areas of Germany to the very developed markets of Scandinavia through road, sea and air routes. This makes it a very interesting location for any company operating internationally. If you want to make the most out of the Danish market and you’re interested in shipping goods by road, Important Cargo Traffic has a range of solutions just for you – get in touch with us or read further to know more. We strive to provide the best customer satisfaction and maximum effectiveness of transport orders.

LTL, FTL, oversize loads – transport to Denmark with full support in all orders

For the most part, our transports consist of full trucks loaded with up to 33 standard EPAL pallets or 24 tons of cargo. However, it’s only one area of our offering. We also handle various different loads – as our client, you can safely and efficiently deliver:

  • LTL (Low Truck Loads) – loads that don’t require the whole truck;
  • FTL (Full Truck Loads) – loads using the whole truck;
  • oversize loads – for any cargo that might be too big or has a non-standard shape.

What’s more, we combine the shipments to the same destination where we can to further improve our efficiency. Our offer is based on close partnership with contractors from all around Europe, which allows us to prepare the best solution for you right away after you contact us. In the more popular destinations the waiting time for the truck usually doesn’t exceed a day.

Shipping to Denmark: types of cargo handled by ICT

With Important Cargo Traffic, you don’t need to worry about the truck conditions not matching the requirements for your goods. We operate using a large fleet of vehicles, which includes standard trailers, tankers, temperature-controlled trucks, and much more. As such, we can guarantee that even the most demanding goods will be transported according to strict requirements and guidelines. This allows us to handle e.g. livestock, agricultural products, electronics, machinery, artwork, alcohol, fuel, and many other types of cargo that require special handling. Experienced professionals who ensure that everything is done in the safest way possible carry out the day-to-day work. Additionally, as our client you can get full insurance on all transported goods to protect against any unexpected situations.

How does Important Cargo Traffic work? Individual pricing and offers tailored to our needs

If you want to use our services, just contact us and present the necessary information about the shipment. Then we can choose the truck, plan the route, and provide you with individually calculated pricing. We’re aware that the world of logistics is very diverse in terms of transport requirements, which is why we operate on a per-order basis when it comes to prices. This also allows our clients to enjoy the best prices possible in all shipping orders. When we’re on the road, you can also receive regular updates about the truck location to make any last-minute changes where necessary.

Get in touch

Feel free to contact us using our phone number, our email, or the contact form present on the Important Cargo Traffic website. We cover many routes around the world – including not only Denmark and other European countries, but also e.g. Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and much, much more. We’re waiting for your call or message with our professional staff and specialized fleet that will efficiently and safely cover all your transport needs in Denmark and beyond.