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Transport to Italy

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Learn more about our solutions and find out how our experience can help you get the most of the transport to Italy.

International transport to Italy

Italy is a major player in the European economy, including the logistics sector. Many companies from all around the continent have close ties to Italian partners, creating a huge demand for professional transport services. At Important Cargo Traffic, we aim to provide exactly that – reliable, timely and efficient support in delivering goods internationally. Our focus is on road transport, and our experienced drivers operate routes to all areas of the country: both the industrial north, including cities such as Turin or Milan, and the southern regions known mostly for their agriculture, leather and food industries. Importantly, Italy is one of the most important countries for luxury goods, which often require special handling – with ICT, you can be sure that all kinds of shipments will be delivered properly and safely. We handle traffic to Italy as well as from the country, in addition to many other locations around Europe, Asia and other continents – not only European Union states, but also former Eastern Bloc countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan or Tajikistan. If you want to learn more about our availability, contact us to receive detailed information from our consultants.

The best prices with the best solutions – transport to Italy with ICT

What makes us stand out in the massive market of international logistics? One of our strong points is a wide network of partners and contractors located all around Europe. This helps us manage our routes and orders efficiently no matter what the destination is. The cooperation with our partners also allows us to operate transport with lower costs, which also means better prices for our end customers. In many cases, the rate can be even 20% lower than the regular market price of shipping services.

What’s more, we have access to a wide range of vehicles, including specialty trucks accommodated to transporting especially demanding goods. Our fleet covers much more than regular delivery vans – we also use trucks with tail lifts, tankers, and vehicles with controlled temperature. As a result, we can guarantee safe handling of cargo matching the needs of a given order.

What types of cargo can you transport to Italy with ICT?

Our extensive offer covers all of our clients’ needs. We operate trucks of various sizes, which makes us able to pick the most cost-efficient vehicle for the given route and order. We also always take care to deliver goods in optimal conditions, which is vital especially with more volatile loads, e.g. food or livestock. Our commitment to safety allows us to provide the best care for artwork shipments, luxury goods, medicine, fuel, machines, electronics and much more. Important Cargo Traffic delivers various kinds of cargo, always putting our clients’ satisfaction first.

Transport to Italy: contact us and receive an offer

Because of the wide variety in the types of shipments realized by Important Cargo Traffic, we have an individual approach to pricing. If you wish to learn more, contact us with the specifics of your order. We’re flexible in terms of vehicle choice and deadlines – we only expect the most important information about the cargo (including cargo type, size and vehicle requirements if necessary), and take care of the rest of the process. After receiving this data, we can provide you with a pricing offer and details about our availability.

You can contact us using the phone number and email present on our webpage, or through the online form. We believe that customer satisfaction starts with the first contact, which is why we strive to answer as quickly and precisely as possible