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Transport from Poland to Great Britain and from Great Britain to Poland

Contact us Transport from Poland to Great Britain and from Great Britain to Poland


Do You need an international shipping and freight forwarding company in Poland, that ofers transport around all Europe ?

We offer You comprehensive road freight services to and from Great Britain.

No matter what is Your cargo size and weight, what distance, and how litte the time You have to delivery – we will meet Your expectations.


Who we are ?

We are an international freight shipping company based in Poland near the state capital.

Our company consists of young, ambitious and professional people.

We can transport from pallet to full truck, from neutral cargo to dangerous goods, from standard transport to oversized – we will do everything!



Do You need fast delivery ?


If You have full truck FTL transport (33 Eurpean pallts), transit time is 2-4 days – depends on the distance.


If Yo have smaller part of cargo up to 10 pallets, transit time is 1-3 days – depends on the distance

Do You need best price ?


If You have smallers part of cargo, the best way for You is groupage transport or LTL transport. We transport Your cargo with other goods – it's the cheapest solution!

Transit time is about 2-5 days – depends on the distance



Where we go?



We go to every place in GB and we can pick your cargo from every place in GB.


Cities in England; Wales; Scotland and Northern Ireland: Londyn, Manchester, City of London, Leverpool, Edynburg, Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, York, Leeds, Cardiff, Cambridge, Oxford, Nottingham, Sheffield, Belfast, Norwich, Derby, Durham, Wakefield, Newry, Lisburn, Belfast and much more....