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Transport to the Netherlands

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We handle various types of loads, from small and partial shipments all the way to oversize loads and special cargo.

The Netherlands is a vital location for international shipping, handling large amounts of goods, going from Europe to other places around the world or imported into the continent from elsewhere. As a result, many companies from various countries regularly transport cargo to and from the Netherlands. To facilitate this process, we offer top quality services in the area of road transport. With Important Cargo Traffic, you can be sure that your shipments to the Netherlands will always arrive in time, undamaged and perfectly handled during all parts of the transport.

Best freight solutions for the Netherlands

Important Cargo Traffic offers full support on various types of transport orders, including:

  • Low Truck Loads (LTL), when your shipment consists of only a couple pallets;
  • Full Truck Loads (FTL), when you need a full truck to transport larger amounts of goods;
  • partial transport, when your cargo fits on a smaller part of the loading space;
  • oversize transport, when your load is over the regular truck size.

Over eighty percent of our shipments fall into the FTL category, but thanks to our experience and knowledge we can safely and reliably handle all other tasks as well. If you want to use our services, just contact us with your expectations and the basic description of your shipment, including its size (in pallets, tons or volume), its type, and – if needed – any specifications that the truck needs to match. We operate using a large fleet of vehicles and we choose the optimal option according to our clients’ needs. In each order, the price is calculated individually, ensuring optimal costs for you.

Extensive partner network

What makes Important Cargo Traffic a good option for your business? Our services have a wide range of advantages, including access to a large network of partners located all around Europe. Thanks to this, we can easily organize transport even in the same day in the most common locations, and in up to 2 days in most cases for more remote destinations. We also provide full flexibility in terms of timing – we strive to meet our clients’ deadlines with great effect, and we always put your satisfaction first. This approach guarantees full effectiveness and efficient management of transport orders. As we work closely with various companies that help us fulfill our clients’ needs, we can easily handle all kinds of cargo – from standard shipments to special loads including artwork, alcohols, biological material, electronics and so on.

Netherlands – transport routes for various locations

Because our offer is based on road transport, we can cover routes to many places not only around the Netherlands, but also the whole of Europe and to various other countries. Our offering for the Netherlands includes transporting goods to the major ports, such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, as well as smaller locations around the country. We can also help with transport from the Netherlands abroad, and to and from any location on the map of Europe. ICT also covers several important areas on the eastern part of the continent – including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Armenia and Georgia, in addition to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Contact us and choose the perfect partner for your business

If you’re looking for reliable support in transporting goods to the Netherlands, you’ve reached the right place. Contact us via phone or using the form on our webpage to learn more about our availability. We’re 100% sure that our offer will match and even exceed your expectations – join the ever-growing number of clients who trust us and learn why ICT is the leading partner in European transport.