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Transport from Great Britain to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and else former USSR countries

Contact us Transport from Great Britain to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan  and else former USSR countries

Great Britain is one of the larges and most developed countries and the trade between Great Britan and the countries of the East is at the high level.


Experience and knowlenge of customs procedures are very important.

The same is for the companies from Great Britain, that import goods from CIS countries.



Fast or economic transport


Drirectly transport from UK to CIS is rare, that's why we offer You another soluthion – trasnsport with transhipment in Poland.

You have two options:

Fast dedicated transport and economic, groupage transport.

If You need fast delivery, we suggest You transport by solo truck (FTL), but if You care about low price, we suggest You groupage transport (LTL).

With our wide-ranging fleet of vehicles, forwardes and multilingual employees, we are able to carry out every delivery, from one pallet to oversized and specjalised transport.



Storage and transhipment


Transport from Great Britan to CIS with transhipment it' s possible when You have a place to transshipment.

Our company offerts comprehensive services so we decided to cooperate with several warehouses in Poland, for example in Warsaw, Opole, Kostrzyn near Poznań.


Our warehouses allow transhipment and storage, but not only. We know how important are: repacking goods into smaller or larger batches, checking documents for correctness and completness, neutralizing, adeguate protection of goods, checking for any damage caused in transport, labeling or making photos.


You can be calm, becouse Your goods are safe, becouse Our employees are professionals.



Land and air transport


Transport from Great Britain to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan we realize by road or by air.

We always offer You the best option in terms of price or delivery time.

Land transport is usually chipper than air. Shipment od cargo by trucks from the shipper's place to destination, is know as a door to door transport, and it's our advantage becouse most forwarders only deliver to the customs terminal.


Air transport is more expensive than land, but the great advantage is speed – cargo can reach the orher part of the world very quickly, normally 5-10 days.

If You don't know what means of transport you shoud choose, write to us!

We will give You the best option!