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Transport to Norway

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We use the best routes to deliver maximum efficiency and offer the most cost-effective services to our customers. Contact us or find out more on our website.

Road transport to Norway – from the smallest shipments to oversize loads

We know that the world of transport and logistics is very diverse, needing to cover many various companies in different sectors of the market. Because of this, we structure our offering in a way that can satisfy every customer. Our large fleet of trucks can efficiently deliver all kinds of loads – from LTL (Low Truck Load) shipments, through regular FTL (Full Truck Load) orders, which make up the bulk of our work, all the way to oversize cargo. As our customer, you can be sure that you can easily access the solution that fits your needs the best.

Over 80% of our shipments are full trucks (up to 24 tons or 33 EPAL pallets), however we’re not afraid to tackle more demanding or uncommon orders. Shipments going to the same destination are combined where possible when planning the route, which allows us to offer the lowest prices and minimize the damage to the environment when delivering goods. As a result, our customers can count on maximum efficiency and full support in all situations.

Apart from Norway, we also operate many other routes all over the continent. What’s more, our drivers handle transit through Eastern Europe and Asia – including countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Russia and Moldova, as well as the rising Central Asian markets of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. We offer road transit exclusively, working with a wide range of partners and having access to a full and diverse fleet of trucks.

Transport to Norway – individual prices matching your needs and expectations

At Important Cargo Traffic, you can get individual pricing on all orders. When contacting our consultants, share the most important information about the shipment, such as its size or weight, vehicle specifications, and the type of the cargo. Using this data, we can choose the right truck for the job, plan the route in the most efficient way, and in effect give you the best pricing along with professional support that’s tailored to your needs. After order confirmation, we dispatch our drivers to the pickup point, where warehouse workers load up the truck. When we’re on the road, you can receive daily updates about the current delivery progress and location. All throughout the process you have access to professional help in case of any unexpected circumstances.

We handle all types of goods – road transport to Norway with Important Cargo Traffic

Need to transport goods with specific requirements, such as livestock, food products or artwork? We’ve got you covered – we handle all of those areas, along with machinery, alcohol, electronics, biological matter and much, much more. Our drivers are skilled in making sure that the goods are transported in the proper conditions, and our fleet includes specialized vehicles (including trucks with temperature control). Thanks to this, you can be sure to avoid spoilage or damaged goods – to protect our clients from unforeseen situations, we also offer full insurance on all cargo. Safety and customer satisfaction are always our priority.

Contact us and learn more about ICT

If you’re looking for cooperation with a professional, experienced partner in the logistics area when transporting goods to Norway, ICT is the perfect choice. We can handle all kinds of orders – including the most demanding ones. Feel free to learn more about our offer on our website, or contact us directly to receive pricing and talk about the specifics of your order. You can get in touch with us via phone, email or through the online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you and offering you our full support in road transport to Norway.